The Spiritist Federation of Florida promoted its 3rd Spiritist Conference “Mediumship -A Human Attribute”, during the 2nd and 3rd day of March, 2013 at the Florida International University’s Kovens Conference Center, with the presence of Mr. Divaldo Pereira Franco, Dr. Alberto Almeida, Dr. Suzana Simões and Mr. Daniel Assisi.

Over 500 guests attended from Florida, Chicago, New York, Ohio, Baltimore, North Carolina, and other countries such as Canada and Brazil.

Special participation from Ms. Rhona Gift and Ms. Anatasha Meckenna. Do take the time to watch the videos and re-live these two glorious days! Our heartfelt gratitude to: Edicei of America, United States Spiritist Council, FEB, CEI, TVCEI, Luciano Mattevi and Daniel & Kirsten Santos.